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Transportation services – "Nesher" Tours and taxi service cooperative society
Transportation services – "Nesher" Tours and taxi service cooperative society
Transportation services – "Nesher" Tours and taxi service cooperative society
Nesher Tours is a cooperative society that was founded in 1930, and provides transportation services from Jerusalem and its vicinity to Ben Gurion Airport and back. The service is provided up to the customer's home 24 hours a day. In addition, Nesher Tours has a service center which operates 24 hours a day. The company is the sole operator of line 40, which boasts luxury taxis that ensure an exceptionally comfortable ride. The company's customers enjoy a professional, reliable and courteous service at reasonable prices.

All the company drivers are experienced, reliable and intent on keeping the schedules meticulously. The Nesher Tours vehicles are modern and air-conditioned and designed to carry up to 10 passengers. The company employs a transport officer who is in charge of the orderliness and safety of the vehicles.

Transportation service from Jerusalem to B.G. Airport

The company runs a regular transportation service at every round hour, as well as according to the departure schedule at the airport.  Pick-ups are carried out according to pick-up zones in the city, and are subject to a reasonable waiting period of about 15 minutes. It is recommended to make a reservation 12-24 hours prior to the flight.

Transportation service from B.G. Airport to Jerusalem

The company provides a regular 24-hour a day transportation service and according to the arrival schedule at the airport. There is no need for reservation.

Among our customers

Hotels in Jerusalem, Government offices, the foreign ministry and many private customers

In addition to the transportation services to B.G. Airport, the company provides special travel services to all parts of the country, according to the customer's needs.
סניף ירושלים:  בן יהודה 23, ירושלים 94624 טל': 6257227 - 02  טל' נוסף: 205 - 500 - 1599  פקס: 6241114 - 02
סניף נתב"ג: 6222553 - 02 | 6231231 - 02

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